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Hiring an Attorney vs. Using an Online Divorce Service

These days, you can do virtually anything online, including divorce. While there’s not an app for that yet, getting divorced online is becoming increasingly popular. Like many Internet-based alternatives, online divorce services market themselves on promises of speed, efficiency, affordability, and ease. A swift, cheap divorce may sound great to couples who have weighed the cost of litigation and legal representation, but getting a divorce online comes with some serious pitfalls.

The first major problem with online divorce services is that they are only suitable for couples who agree on the finer points of how their assets, parenting time, etc. will be split up. This may work for couples who pursue no-fault divorce or have not been married for very long, but most couples require outside assistance to work out the details of their legal and financial disentanglement. Even couples who think they agree on the terms of their divorce may find themselves at odds over a serious issue such as child custody or spousal support. If you jump into divorce as your own advocate, you run the risk of losing on important issues or being unable to proceed in the event you and your spouse reach a stalemate.

Online divorce may also cost you more in the long run than it initially saves you. For example, if you will be placed at a significant financial disadvantage after divorce, you will need a divorce attorney to help you obtain an alimony order from the court. If you forgo spousal support, you may suffer financial hardship in the years following your divorce, ultimately costing you far more than you saved by opting out of legal representation.

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