Due to extremely high cases of COVID-19, our office requires masks for anyone who enters. We have the highest level of air purification in our offices not only through our HVAC system, but also through Molekule air purifiers we have set up throughout the offices. We also sanitize the office regularly. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions!

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Office Safety

In light of COVID-19, we have updated our office safety procedures.

  1. The front door is kept locked;
  2. All persons entering the building must be wearing a face covering and have their temperature checked upon entry;
  3. No more than two persons per appointment are allowed in the building;
  4. Persons entering the building must maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and employees at all times;
  5. Our offices have installed ultra-high-performance air filters in the HVAC units that are purported to trap viruses;
  6. We have installed thousands of dollars’ worth of ultra-high-end MoleKule air purifiers that purport to trap and kill viruses;
  7. We are wiping down surfaces numerous times a day with hospital grade medical wipes;
  8. We also have gloves and masks available as needed.

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