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Create Consistent Rules for Kids After Divorce

Divorce is an uncertain time for families and can be particularly anxiety-inducing for young children. In the aftermath of this major event, it is crucial for former spouses to create consistent routines and household rules to provide a sense of stability for their children. Of course, this means you and your ex must work together to establish these rules across both households, which may be a challenge for some.

Working as a Team with Your Former Spouse

If your divorce was an especially acrimonious experience, there may still be a lot of hurt feelings between you and your former spouse. It is important to set these feelings aside to focus on the needs and best interests of your children. Creating a consistent set of rules and a reliable routine for your children will help them feel safe, secure, and reduce their stress. Additionally, facilitating structure in your children’s lives will contribute to better habits, self-discipline, and boundaries.

When creating consistent household rules for your children, you and your former spouse should ask each other several questions.

Below are some questions you can ask that will help establish a routine:

  • When your children do not comply with the rules, what are the consequences?
  • How will you reward your children for good behavior?
  • Are there some issues you are willing to be flexible on?
  • How will you communicate these household rules to the children?
  • Will one parent be responsible for certain matters?

Once you sit down and discuss the answers to these questions together, you can establish a set of consistent rules and routines for your children to follow. You may have to revisit them if you encounter problems while trying to enforce them, but the hardest part will be over.

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