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5 Common Myths about Divorce

Divorces are more common now than ever, and it’s easy to get swept up listening to stories ranging between two extremes. Either you may hear of rare instances of extremely amicable separations, in which both parties are able to seamlessly co-parent and are even happy to attend their ex-spouse’s next wedding--or, conversely, you may hear horror stories where both parties go out of their way to make the other person’s life a living hell for as long as possible.

Though everyone hopes to have their divorce end with a decorum of respect, this isn’t always the case. If you are considering divorce, this may be a confusing time for you, as there are many misgivings and untruths out there. However, with the help of a strong-minded and compassionate Jackson family law attorney, you can find the process will ease drastically for both you and your ex-spouse.

Here Are 5 of the Most Common Myths About Divorce:

  1. Having children will prevent divorce – Children are not the guarantee you and your partner will never divorce. In fact, children will be more vulnerable in an unhappy marriage as they will be able to pick up all of the things you and your partner will try and fail to hide. Either the divorce will still occur, or all parties involved will be unhappy.
  2. Disagreements always lead to divorce – Most, if not all, couples argue. Divorce isn’t the first place to jump after a disagreement with your spouse, because these are more common occurrences than you may believe. Marriage isn’t perfect, and the first sign of an argument doesn’t mean your union is destined to fail.
  3. Divorce is always expensive – Not all divorces are created equal. Some may be costly, while most aren’t. Many couples find lawyers who can help them set up a mutual agreement instead of figuring everything out in court.
  4. Children will always stay with the mother – This one may be true for the most part, but always is an absolutely incorrect sentiment. If a mother isn’t financially stable enough to raise her children, or is in otherwise incapable, the courts may decide to give custody to the father. Also, once a child has reached a certain age, he or she can decide with whom he or she wants to live.
  5. Divorce is always one person’s fault – Not always. There are, of course, instances in which one party is to blame for violent, abusive, or irresponsible behavior. However, most marriages end because two people simply outgrew each other.

Marriage is hard, but divorce is harder. Letting go of someone who was an integral part of your life can be a very difficult thing to do, which is why our Jackson family lawyers at Casey, Simmons, & Bryant, PLLC, encourage couples to exhaust all options before ending a marriage. However, if you are in a situation you are 100% sure you need to be out of, we may be the right team for you. Serving Jackson, Memphis, Clarksville, and West and Middle Tennessee, our dedicated and experienced lawyers can help you navigate the difficulties of divorce with peace of mind.

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