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Will I Continue to Pay Alimony If My Ex Gets Remarried?

Many alimony payors wonder if they'll continue to pay for spousal support if their ex-spouse experiences a life-changing event, such as getting remarried, that could positively impact their finances. In today's blog, we're discussing reasons you may be able to stop making alimony payments.

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Alimony & Remarriage in Tennessee

In some states, the remarriage of an ex-spouse is not grounds for alimony payors to stop providing spousal support. Fortunately for alimony payors in Tennessee, that's not the case.

As per Tennessee legislation, spousal support obligations end immediately once a spouse remarries.

Even better, if you're an alimony payor, you don't have to attend court and have your spousal support obligation terminated. You can simply stop supplying alimony to your ex-spouse.

Notably, this does not apply to lump-sum alimony. If you agreed to provide a lump-sum alimony payment or transfer property over to your ex-spouse post-divorce, you are still obligated to fulfill those requirements, despite your spouse's remarriage.

Despite this legislation, you may still want to check in with an attorney - particularly one who offers alimony services - before discontinuing spousal support payments. If your spousal support supplies a substantial amount of financial stability to your ex-spouse and their new partner cannot meaningfully contribute to their fiscal security, a court may decide you are still responsible for paying alimony. If your current arrangement sounds similar, checking with a lawyer before discontinuing payments may be wise.

Could My Spousal Support Obligation End for Other Reasons?

Yes. Like child support payments, your spousal support obligation could change or be terminated entirely if you or your ex-spouse experience a "substantial change in circumstances."

While remarriage might qualify as such a change, other shifts - such as losing your job, your spouse obtaining more gainful employment, or the development of a medical condition by either party - could all be grounds for an order modification case changing how much alimony you owe.

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