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Staying Safe on July 4th - Your Guide

As July 4th rounds the corner, many Americans are preparing to celebrate the holiday - and not always in the safest ways. Between fireworks and drinking, it's not a surprise that July 4th is one of the more dangerous holidays in the U.S. - in 2019 alone, 10,000 Americans reported to hospitals with firework-related injuries. Today, we're giving out some tips and tricks so you can stay safe on July 4th.

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Should I Be Concerned About DUIs?

On any holiday where people regularly celebrate with drinks, including July 4th, the likelihood of encountering intoxicated drivers on the road increases.

If you're considering attending a party yourself, take the appropriate precautions to avoid getting caught up in a DUI. Take an uber or have a designated driver you trust with you, and consider handing off your keys and wallet to that person. If you don't feel you can make it back to your home safely at the end of the party, consider hiring a taxi or Uber to take you to the nearest hotel, or ask your host if you can stay at their place.

If you're hosting a party, try and keep an eye on your guests. Ask for everyone's keys at the door. If you have room, consider providing a space for intoxicated guests to sleep off their alcohol before allowing them to drive home. Otherwise, ensuring everyone has a designated driver or offering to call transportation in for drunk guests may pay dividends.

Staying Safe Around Fireworks

Firework safety is another matter entirely, but the presence of alcohol around fireworks can play a role in their use.

In Tennessee, only certain types of fireworks are legal - primarily DOT Class C fireworks - and may only be purchased from accredited vendors by individuals over the age of 16.

If you will be around fireworks on July 4th, consider:

  • Making sure people keep their hands away from any lit fireworks, and keep any fireworks pointed away from themselves or others, regardless of whether they're lit or not. We've all heard enough stories of people losing eyes or fingers to fireworks, one doesn't have to happen at your or a friend's party.
  • Make sure nothing flammable is near the area where fireworks are being lit.
  • Try and make sure any animals - especially dogs - are far away from fireworks and inside a building. Fireworks can hurt their ears, and many animals are instinctively scared enough of fireworks to lash out if one goes off near them.

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