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Stimulus Check

Can Your Stimulus Check Be Garnished?

As the U.S. continues to rally against the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress has passed two new stimulus bills intended to help citizens maintain financial stability. Many Americans have questions about the bills, including how they'll factor into their taxes, and whether the bills could potentially be seized by organizations such as the IRS to repay debts of delinquent child support payments.

Today, we're here to answer those questions by giving you everything you need to know about the new stimulus bills.

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Are the Stimulus Bills Taxable Income?

Long story short: No. So far, none of the stimulus money is counted towards your gross income for the year you received it, and as such, can't be taxed.

Can My Stimulus Be Seized?

It depends on the stimulus.

The second stimulus bill had protections against seizure implemented by Congress. As a result, it could not be seized by debt collectors, including government officials or departments such as the IRS.

However, the third stimulus bill has no such protections. As a result, it can be seized to repay unpaid private debts.

Many lawmakers are unhappy with the fact the second stimulus can be seized by other parties instead of going directly to recipients, and legislators across the U.S. are currently working to protect citizens against stimulus seizure. For the time being, however, the stimulus can indeed be seized by a number of parties to repay outstanding debts.

Do I Get Extra Money for Dependents?


The first and second stimulus checks restricted which dependents would award a parent, guardian, or conservator with extra money by making adult dependents (including those in college) ineligible for stimulus money.

However, Congress removed those restrictions for the third stimulus, meaning that wards of adult dependents are eligible for increased stimulus payments. This is a significant change in the bill and could help many parents currently supporting adult children maintain financial stability.

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