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Types of Evidence Used in Tennessee Custody Cases

If you're a parent engaged in a child custody dispute, you may find yourself wondering: "What kinds of evidence can I use to support my case?" Answering that question could help you get a better outcome in your child custody dispute, and in today's blog, we're more than happy to do just that for you.

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"Day by Day" Evidence

The court will want to know what your child's home life was like before the divorce case. If you have any sort of documentation of you and your child's "day by day" life - such as a journal or a schedule - that can be valuable evidence for the court.

If the other parent's reliability is questionable, a schedule documenting all the times you had to compensate for the other parent failing to show up to an event or take your child somewhere may be exceptionally useful.

Evidence of Domestic Violence or Abuse (Where Applicable)

If domestic violence or abuse plays a role in your case, evidence supporting those allegations - video and audio recordings are both common types of evidence used to prove abuse - may be helpful.

Most states have laws against recording or videotaping another person without their consent, but those requirements are typically waived when a survivor/victim of abuse gathers evidence for authorities.

Gathering such evidence could be invaluable in your custody case.

You may also be able to gather other evidence, such as text messages or emails from your other parent, but talk with your attorney about doing so first. Breaking into someone else's device is typically illegal, and you may need to get the other party or a witness to authenticate that digital communications you obtained are real, which can be difficult.

Witness Testimony

Witnesses, such as child psychologists or unbiased (as much as possible) third parties who witnessed each parent's behavior during the custody case, can both be crucial suppliers of evidence in support cases.

While courts aren't beholden to witness testimony, they will typically weigh it in some fashion.

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