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What to Expect from Courts Reopening in 2021

When cities across the U.S. initiated stay-at-home orders and shuttered doors on locations such as restaurants and gyms in response to COVID-19, courts were no exception. In jurisdictions across the U.S., courts have put various measures in place to ensure citizens can safely access the legal system without risking exposure to COVID-19, such as requiring remote hearings.

However, courts across the U.S. and Tennessee are now beginning to reopen. Today, we're here to explore what you can expect as courts around the country reopen. Contact our office for help with your case!

Case Timelines Accelerate

Perhaps the most immediately obvious side-effect of courts reopening will be an acceleration of case timelines.

Throughout the pandemic, courts have been forced to decrease the number of people they serve per day. As courts reopen and social distancing guidelines continue to ease, courts will begin to start working through their case backlogs and move new cases along more quickly.

Real Estate Law Kicks Back into High Gear

During COVID-19, most courts were prevented from handling real estate cases such as evictions and foreclosures.

However, at this stage, most courts now have the ability to handle these types of cases once more. As a result, expect longer lines at the court when disputes between landlords, tenants, and homeowners start to take off.

Virtual Adaptations Should Remain in Place

The U.S. legal system has long been criticized for lagging behind when it comes to adopting new technologies. In this vein, COVID-19 forced courts across the country to develop virtual alternatives to in-court proceedings, such as holding trials over video conferencing applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Don't expect those developments to go away anytime soon. They make the courts more accessible for people, which is, by and large, beneficial to Americans. Additionally, they offer citizens an easy way to handle cases without leaving the comfort of their homes. As time goes on, expect courts to continue refining these methods of dealing with legal disputes and making them more readily available to individuals.

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