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How To Tell If You're Headed for Divorce: 3 Potential Signs

Now that the afterglow of the holiday season has vanished and people are getting back to reality, you and your spouse may be coming to the realization that you do not want to spend another year married. Considering divorce is a huge and life-altering decision to make. While there are no tell-tale factors that indicate you are headed for divorce, take a look at these three signs that may help you determine if divorce is the best course of action for you.

You Feel Like Your Expectations are Not Being Met

No matter what people may say, those who enter into a marriage relationship walk into it with certain expectations about how it will be. Whether they believe that their spouse should act or do certain things for them or that they will be the sole breadwinner once they have kids and the other parent will stay home with kids, usually both parties in a marriage anticipate certain things to be true.

If those expectations are not fulfilled, it can leave one or both spouses feeling empty and even angry. If the reality of the situation becomes different than what was expected, it can often land couples into a place of feeling like everything is over between them.

You Are Fighting Over Finances

This can manifest itself in a number of ways, as money is one of the most fought about things in any relationship. Whether one spouse has been hiding money, spending it frivolously without telling the other spouse, or any other act that is causing distrust between the two people, a financial issue can quickly become much more serious. It then becomes about feelings of broken trust, anger, frustration, and anxiety, rather than just a monetary problem.

You Fail to Keep Communication Open

If one or both of you stops talking to one other, even about things that upset you, you can quickly become indifferent towards one another. Essentially this leads to a full breakdown in communication. When it gets to the points that both people do not care enough to say something, it is often a sign of exhaustion towards even wanting to fix the martial issues at hand.

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