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Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid

The divorce process is incredibly emotional for most people and, moreover, it is often quite complex due to the numerous issues involved. As a result, it is easy to make mistakes as you walk through each step and, unfortunately, these mistakes are not easy or cheap to undo, so it is important to avoid them and to forego making any emotional decisions or impulsive decisions.

To help you through your divorce, we compiled a list of common mistakes you would do well to avoid while dissolving your marriage:

  • Sending angry or cruel text messages to your spouse: Unleashing your fury and frustration in a message or social media post might provide some immediate gratification during this challenging time, but that satisfaction will be short-lived. You can expect these nasty messages, emails, or posts to come back to haunt you in court since your spouse’s attorney will likely use it against you in court to spin a harmful narrative. It can be hard to hold back and remain calm with so much on your plate, but if you really need to vent or spit some venom, confide in a trusted friend about your feelings or hire a therapist.
  • Not being prepared: No matter what you are doing, everything goes a lot more smoothly with proper preparation. If you are about to begin the divorce process, you need to start saving some money and downsizing your expenses to accommodate the coming changes. It might be hard to cope with a change in lifestyle, but doing so will prepare you for a better fresh start. Make sure you also have all of your financial documents in order for your attorney to save some time and, consequently, money as well.
  • Being unwilling to compromise: Divorcing spouses are often so angry with one another that they become uncooperative and stubborn when it comes to negotiating a settlement. Unfortunately, refusing to compromise is a lot like shooting yourself in the foot since this will only prolong the process and, as a result, raise your legal fees. Moreover, if you and your spouse have children, this is a surefire way to create a hostile co-parenting relationship.
  • Letting your emotions get the best of you: It might be easier said than done, but you cannot let your emotions sit in the driver’s seat. To obtain the most favorable divorce settlement, you will need to rein in your emotions and let your logic steer the wheel. Of course, you can also rely upon your attorney for objective legal advice.
  • Lying to your attorney: There are probably some things you are ashamed about and do not wish to share with your attorney, but if you hide important information or lie about the facts, he or she will be unprepared and cannot effectively help you. Your attorney serves you and wants you to achieve the best possible results. However, this cannot be done if you hide or omit information, so do yourself a favor and be honest with your attorney.

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