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Why More People Get Divorced Around New Year

In recent decades, the divorce rate in the US has steadily declined. However, the beginning of the year still reigns supreme as the most popular time to get a divorce in the US.

If you're considering filing for a divorce, understanding why the New Year is the most popular time to do so can help you pick the best time to dissolve your own marriage.

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The Holidays Are Stressful

For many people, the holidays are full of stressful obligations - getting spouses, friends, and family members gifts, spending time with family members, changing work schedules - the list goes on.

Filing for a divorce during the holidays can seem inappropriate for various reasons. However, right after New Year's, there's a lull in the holidays. That gives people some time to file before other holiday events, like Valentine's Day, could make it awkward to file for divorce again.

There May Be Financial Incentives

Filing for divorce during the New Year could also have financial incentives. Individuals who don't want to pay joint tax returns during the upcoming tax season may want to file for divorce.

Additionally, resolving divorce-related processes such as property divisions before the beginning of tax season can help individuals budget more accurately during and after the divorce.

Some People Want a Fresh Start

Lastly, some people may just want a fresh start. For many people, the New Year is a time to reflect on where they currently are in their life, and what they can do to improve themself.

For people engaged in an unhappy marriage, the self-reflection that accompanies the New Year can be a good opportunity to get the "fresh start" they desire by filing for divorce.

Other factors, such as economic insecurity and the inability to consistently spend time apart during the COVID-19 pandemic, could further exacerbate issues between couples and contribute to a rising divorce rate in January 20201.

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