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Is Divorce a Good Idea for Me?

Filing for divorce is always difficult, especially when spouses have been together for a significant amount of their time, share complicating factors such as children, or believe reconciliation may still be an option. Should you file for divorce? That's the complex question we're attempting to help you answer with this blog.

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You're Going in Different Directions

Many people hold onto marriages that aren't working out for longer than they should, and end up causing themselves a lot of pain in the process. If you noticed you and your partner are going in different directions in life, a divorce may end up being the best path forward for both parties.

In such situations, allowing the marriage to continue to decline often results in a harsher divorce. When a party clearly feels their life is diverging from their spouse's, filing for an uncontested divorce or using another process such as mediation to enable a more amicable divorce can help both parties look back on the divorce as a positive event in the future, rather than making it a stressful, combative experience.

One Party Loses Trust in the Other

Communication and trust make up the foundation of most relationships. When a party loses trust in their spouse in some irrevocable way, such as lying about a large amount of debt or spending, committing infidelity, etc., it may be a reason to end the marriage.

Counseling Isn't Working

Many couples seek out help or counseling when they feel their marriage isn't working out. However, counseling doesn't always work. If your attempts to reconcile with your spouse through other means aren't working out, it may be time to end the marriage.

Your Spouse Needs Help You Can't Provide

If one party develops an issue such as an addiction and doesn't seem to be able to recover from that affliction, you may need to remove yourself from the marriage for your own safety. Whether this means separating from your spouse or divorcing them, ending the marriage for a time or permanently may be the best solution.

Your Spouse Commits Acts of Domestic Violence

Abuse is never acceptable. If your spouse engages in domestic or family violence of some sort - whether it be neglecting a child, yelling at you, isolating you from friends and family, or committing physical abuse, domestic and family violence is always a valid reason to end a marriage.

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